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Hoarding Boards



kfcWe see several different materials being offered as an option for hoarding panels. In our opinion many of them are not up to the job. You really do not want your hoarding to bow and buckle in warm weather or crack in the cold. For this reason we only offer premium grade aluminium compostite.


The hoarding panels you buy from us are are printed with tough, durable inks that in most situations are more than suitable for the application. However, if you feel that your hoarding is likely to be the subject of vandalism, you may like to consider the additional protection of our textured, scratch-resistant laminate.


                    2.4m x 1.2m (8′ x 4′) Panels

Quantity Standard Laminated
1+ £150 £175
10+ £125 £150
20+ £100 £125


Please enquire about larger or smaller sizes. Prices exclude carriage and VAT

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