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Full Colour Banners

It is attention to detail that makes the difference.

Our full colour banners are made from a fabric that is 25% heavier than the industry standard. We sew with a special rot-proof polyester thread and use military grade eyelets with internal teeth that bite into the fabric. You can be confident that the banners you purchase from us will be tough, durable and offer a long service life.

Add to this, bright vibrant colours and attractive eye-catching designs all printed with long-life UV-stable outdoor inks gives you a product whose quality you will find hard to match anywhere else.


TABLEIMAGE2 1.5m (5′) 3m (10′) 4.5m (15′) 6m (20′) 7.5m (25′) 9m (30′)
0.6m (2′) £40 £45 £55 £72 £90 £108
0.9m (3′) £40 £55 £81 £108 £135 £160
1.2m (4′) £45 £75 £110 £145 £180 £215
1.5m (5′) £70 £90 £135 £180 £225 £270
1.8m (6′) £80 £108 £162 £216 £270 £320

For situations where weight is a concern or where a high wind-loading is anticipated we offer the option of a lightweight mesh. This perforated material is light but strong and reduces the wind-load by approximately 30%. Prices are as above.

Prices are per banner, printed single sided with hems and eyelets all round.

Prices exclude carriage and VAT. Artwork charges may apply. If you are supplying artwork please read our artwork notes.

Buyers Tips

We’ve all seen this – a new banner goes up outside a business and within days it has either been shredded by the wind or has started to fade in the sun. Why would this happen?

  • 440 gsm banner fabric. The most commonly used grade of banner fabric and it is just not strong enough for the job. If a banner is to withstand the weather, the fabric has to have a very high tear strength
  •  No hems at all or a half-hearted attempt to create some using double sided adhesive tape. Correct hemming triples the strength of the banner.
  • Plastic eyelets or tissue thin metal ones. The eyelets take all the strain when the wind blows. Eyelets with internal teeth grip the fabric and therefore resist being pulled out when they are under load.
  • Incorrect ink. The poorest ink starts to fade within two weeks of exposure to strong sunlight. Certain solvent based inks offer reasonable durability but tend to be soft and easily scratched off. Many inks are not tough enough to give a decent outdoor life. UV-cured inks offer a very high degree of abrasion resistance and will withstand years of exposure to sunlight

The difference between a banner lasting two weeks or two years comes down to these key points.

When you buy a banner from us you can be sure it has been manufactured properly using the best inks and materials.



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