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All text must be converted to vectors, referred to as ‘convert to curves, outlines or paths’ depending on which programme you are using Artwork can be supplied at 25% (just divide the finished height and length by 4 to give you the size to work at).

Artwork should be a minimum of 300dpi (600dpi at 25%)

Please do not put bleeds, crop marks, target marks or colour bars on the artwork as we will have to remove them prior to print and there may be a charge for doing so.

We cannot accept artwork from Microsoft programmes – word, excel, powerpoint etc as these formats affect file resolution. We can however re-create designs supplied in these formats but there may be a charge.

When designing a banner do not have anything important, which usually means text, within 40mm of the edge as this is where the eyelets will be placed.

Please supply artwork in CMYK not RGB.

Banner artwork only: please make black 20,20,20,100 in the CMYK set.

If a colour match is critical please advise us when you place your order. Unless you mention anything at the time of order we will print from your artwork as supplied without any ‘tweaking’ and will not be held liable if the result is slightly different to the one you were expecting.

We are not responsible for proof-reading supplied artwork. If we spot any errors or omissions we will point them out but anything printed from incorrect artwork will have to be paid for in full.

If you incorporate bitmap images (jpeg, tif, gif etc) into your design please make sure they are to an acceptable quality standard. Remember, an image that looks fine printed out 2 or 3cm high on your A4 inkjet printer may not look quite so good printed out 1m high on a sign or banner. You have to zoom in and check for pixellation before supplying finished artwork. If you are unsure please send us the image for checking before you incorporate it into your design. If you do not mention anything at the time of ordering we have to assume you are happy with the files you have submitted and we will not entertain requests for re-prints should the finished job exhibit a degree of pixellation.

We are aware of an issue with image masks in pdf’s created in indesign. Please produce a laser print from your file before you send it to us and check for problems.

Artwork for large format print needs to be of the highest quality. Print quality issues that might not be obvious when viewed in small scale become very apparent when enlarged and printed at large scale. If you are unsure of your artwork capabilities please ask us for assistance. If you supply print ready artwork we will assume you have checked it carefully and are happy for us to print from it.

Please read our terms and conditions regarding the use of copyright images.

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